Our Practice

Excellence, innovation, integrity

LDDI is passionate about delivering service excellence to our clients.

We are committed to quality, thoroughness, professionalism, and responsiveness. We harness the most modern, most innovative technologies to provide accurate, optimal outcomes for our clients.


We have no tolerance for mediocrity. We work hard to be be accurate, to be perfect, and to serve our clients well by always executing on engagements with the highest level of excellence.


Our firm is built upon constant improvement and constant innovation. Internally, we employ the most advanced, enterprise-class software solutions. In our client engagements we utilize the latest cloud technology and apps to ensure we are helping our clients modernize their business platforms, become more efficient, and focus on their operations, strategy and growth – not the minutiae of bookkeeping and tax preparation.

We continuously seek new ways to leverage technology to be more efficient and help reduce costs — always mindful of security and ease of use and implementation.

Client Focus

We recognize well our responsibility in serving our clients, and we strive to be consistent and reliable. We are responsive and we are dependable. We don’t have time limits for meetings or conversations. We don’t cut corners to finish jobs. Our goal is to create the best client outcome each and every time. We will work with you until you are satisfied.


We only do well when clients trust us and clients only trust us when we act with integrity. We act in the interest of our clients. We believe in honesty and fairness.


Enjoy Excellence

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