Planning and advice

Tax Planning, Estimated Payments, Audit/Examination, Business Entity Selection, Business Strategy, Financial Modeling, Capital Raisings

Expert advisers

We provide a broad range of consulting and advisory services for our clients



We work closely with clients – and at times with their lawyers and financial advisers – to provide general tax planning consulting and advice. We utilize industry software to navigate complex tax planning scenarios with up-to-date calculations, in-depth analytics, and useful presentations. Our tax software integrates directly with our planning solutions to use real data.

Estimated Payments

While we generally prepare estimated payments based on safe harbor rules (at 110% of prior year tax for taxpayers with AGI of $150k or more) circumstances sometimes dictate a more customized approach. Our office will prepare client-specific tax projections and updated estimated payments that give special consideration to the current year income and tax profile. 

Audit/ Examination

Our team consists of seasoned tax veterans with experience successfully representing clients in various tax exam scenarios. We have effectively represented clients against the IRS, the State of Hawaii, the California Franchise Tax Board, and other tax jurisdictions; and on issues relating to income tax, excise tax, and other matters.  

Business Entity Selection

When you form your business, selecting the entity type (sole proprietor, LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation) can have a meaning and lasting impact on your operations and taxes. We can explain the benefits and drawbacks of each choice. We also work closely with existing clients to review their current entity type and evaluate whether a change could help them. 

Business Strategy

Are you considering starting a business, terminating a partnership, acquiring a company, a partner buyout, closing a store location, selling a property? We can provide qualitative analysis and advice and quantitative analysis, financial spreadsheets and tax projections.



We have expertise in financial modeling, developing financial projections and business plans, and creating presentations for raising capital.  We worked with a small business client to help them obtain a $3.5 million investment to help them expand their service offering and drive additional growth.

Business Advisory


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