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We are the premier provider of cloud bookkeeping services in Hawaii. And as such, we use only the best technology around: QuickBooks Online. Our use of QuickBooks Online is just one of the ways we leverage leading technology to better serve you.

QuickBooks Online

 We love QuickBooks Online for a huge number of reasons. It’s a fantastic accounting platform that makes it easy for you and us to collaborate on you business’ finances. It also is very secure, so you don’t have to worry about any issues with transferring your accounting data, and grants you 24/7 access. This means it’s possible to view, change, and monitor your business’ finances anywhere, anytime.

Tons of Features

With QuickBooks, you gain access to a bunch of features.

To promote good business operations, the platform is capable of managing your company’s bills, tracking mileage, handling invoicing and payments, and monitoring income and expenses. These features offer a high level of reliability and make it easy to oversee the finances of your company. Customers can pay their invoices online with QuickBooks, and the platform automatically sends customers payment reminders to ensure you get paid on time, every time. Meanwhile, the platform’s ability to import transactions and upload receipt photos makes it easier to track income and expenses without having piles of papers around your office.

You also benefit from QuickBooks Online’s ability to manage employees and contractors. Through the platform, you can assign payments to different 1099 categories, thus ensuring you stay compliant on all your contract workers. You can also pay your regular workers through the platform’s free, 24-hour direct deposit feature. These aspects of the platform make it easy to track who you pay, how much you give them, and when you pay them.

It’s also easy to have multiple users for your QuickBooks Online account. Employees can be invited to view certain parts of your account to reduce the rate of errors when they attempt syncing their information with yours. Also, you can invite your accountant to access your books with ease, giving them a clear view of what you are looking for.

These are just a few features of QuickBooks Online. With the platform, you can also:

  • Track inventory
  • Track time
  • Report profit and loss, balance sheets, and expenses
  • Create professional estimates
  • Avoid tax-time delays
  • And so much more!

Better Collaboration

On QuickBooks Online, you’re not limited by how many people are looking at your account. That means we can look through everything at the same time you are. Having both of us looking at your business finances simultaneously makes it easy for us to collaborate on potential issues. When you notice a problem, you can tell us and we’ll be able to see it right away and change it together. That way your finance and tax documents are always in good order.

Easily Visible

Since QuickBooks Online is online, it gives us more access to your business accounts and finances. You just have to invite us to view your QuickBooks Online account. From there, we can view everything you can. This includes your invoices, bank account, inventory, and income.

It’s not just us that benefits from this aspect, either. The online nature of QuickBooks Online means both us and you can look at your business finances from anywhere. If you want to check on your operations from your phone or tablet, you can. Or if you want to look at things from your company, you can do that, too. And if you suddenly need to check things even late at night, QuickBooks Online is available to you.

Safe and Efficient

Everything about QuickBooks Online is focused on creating the best experience for you. Because you upload all your documents to the software, you don’t have to keep a bunch of stacks of papers. If you ever need anything, just check your account on QuickBooks and look through the files and documents for your business.

Also, because we have immediate access to everything you upload or chance in QuickBooks, we can start working on your finances right away. Any new bit of information you add will immediately be included as we do our work, so you can feel comfortable that what we produce is extremely up-to-date as your company keeps operating.

Having all your information in one places streamlines your entire tax process, too. As we fill out your tax forms, any information we need will be on QuickBooks Online. Plus, if we need anything extra, we can quickly contact you to request it. Overall, it will make tax day much less stressful for you, which is what we strive to do.

Finally, the information you put on QuickBooks Online is extremely safe. This means you can feel comfortable about uploading and maintaining sensitive information in the software.


How QuickBooks Online Compares to Xero

Originally created in New Zealand, Xero is still pretty small in the U.S. compared to QuickBooks Online.


However, it’s rapidly becoming more known among accounting firms and is one of QuickBooks Online’s main competitors.

Many of the services that we love about QuickBooks Online are mimicked by Xero. It offers cloud-based accounting services that eliminate your need for transferring accounting data. It also supports easy and customizable invoicing, tracks your purchases and audit history, and is viewable on your mobile device. Plus, it connects with more than 5,000 banks around the world, so you can quickly watch the bank account balance for your business.

However, there are still several things about QuickBooks Online that we prefer over Xero. Even though both softwares function well, QuickBooks Online is just better for what we want to do and how we want to help you.

Xero Features


Xero cloud accounting software is a beautiful, modern approach to managing bookkeeping and business finances. You’ll always have a clear view of your bank account, revenue (invoices), bills (payables) and expenses. You’ll have real-time access to all of your financial data on any device – desktop or mobile – and it’s super easy to collaborate with your accountant – there’s no desktop data file and you both have the same cloud-based view.


The dashboard shows your business cash flow at a glance. You can immediately see how much cash is in the bank, which customers haven’t paid their invoices (indicating where you might need to follow up), and which bills you still need to pay. It’s also really easy to keep an eye on important numbers like revenue or wages, which you can customize to appear in your account watch list on the Dashboard. Xero connects with over 5,000 banks globally, making it easy to have a window into your bank account at all times right on the Dashboard interface.


Xero cloud accounting software is a beautiful, modern approach to managing bookkeeping and business finances. You’ll always have a clear view of your bank account, revenue (invoices), bills (payables) and expenses. You’ll have real-time access to all of your financial data on any device – desktop or mobile – and it’s super easy to collaborate with your accountant – there’s no desktop data file and you both have the same cloud-based view.


You have a full view into your purchases and your bills on the Purchases dashboard. This area highlights the bills that need to be paid most urgently, and you can very easily prioritize and schedule payments. The batch payment feature lets you settle multiple payments at one time. And the check register lets you search, void, print and delete checks.

Full Audit History

Xero has a full audit history of transactions and changes. This makes it easy to see who’s done what and when they did it. If you ever need to get a better look into changes or errors, the audit history is a tremendously useful and important tool.


You can also run your business on the go using the Xero Touch app on your mobile device. You can check the balances of all your bank accounts and credit cards in one place; you can send invoices on the spot from anywhere and you can easily capture images of receipts for any of your spending. Receipts are instantly uploaded and are ready to submit on your next expense claim.

Other Key Points

There’s a wide range of additional reasons why we think Xero is such great software.

Data files, gone

Because Xero is online accounting software, you can kiss good-bye the hassle of sending disks or transferring large accounting data files. Life’s too short to have to deal with that anymore.

Version control issues, gone

This also means you (and we) can kiss good-bye the related hassle of ‘which is the up-to-date version of the data file again?’ Xero eliminates any ‘version control’ issues that can happen, for example, if you send your accounting data file to your accountant and then edit it on your end. This old way of doing things is just fraught with chances for error.

Real-time speed

Being online and always knowing you (and we) are working with the most recent version of your accounting data, we can help you in real-time. You call up with a question, we log in with a few clicks, look at your Xero at the same time you are, and answer your questions on the spot. Easy, and fast.

Data entry drastically reduced

Data entry is so last century. Why, in this day and age, when all the transaction data (amounts, account name, supplier/customer info, etc.) is already available in your banking data, should you have to manually re-enter it into your accounting software? Or even have to do a clumsy export of a CSV file and then upload it? Clunky! What a waste of your time and money! (Plus that manual data introduces plenty of changes for human error.) Xero automatically brings ‘live feeds’ of your bank account and credit card transaction data straight in. No keyboards touched. No download chore. No upload chore. Go have a glass of wine or put your feet up instead.

Better decision making

Old-fashioned software that makes you mind your own business (code for ‘manually do your own bookkeeping’) also puts your business at a disadvantage because your accounting data is lagging behind reality. The data entry issue (apart from the costly waste of it) causes a delay in your accounting data becoming up-to-date. A modern business needs information that is real-time, always up-to-date. How else can you make effective business decisions?


Mobility, flexibility, lifestyle

You’ll love this one. You can access your accounting data and management dashboard in Xero from anywhere, from any device with an Internet connection. You can see your individual account balances, outstanding invoices, overall cash position, and more. These days, you can run your business from an iPad or similar tablet device. Xero have a great iPhone and mobile app too. This means you can have a more flexible lifestyle in running your business, and have certainty over the financials and banking when you are not physically present in your business. Go on, call that travel agent now.

Expense claims simplified

Speaking of which … Xero lets you take photos of your receipts for easy inclusion in your (and your team members’) expense claims. That is so efficient and avoids the accumulation of lots of receipts. Again, real-time is the key. And easy.

Data entry slashed, again

The ‘Rules’ function in Xero is very clever. You can easily train Xero to know that certain types of transactions should be coded (according to your Chart of Accounts) in certain ways. It’s smart enough to be flexible. Amounts can change, the wording in the transaction can change, but as long as there are certain keywords or other criteria (such as paid with a particular credit card) in a Rule, then Xero codes all such transactions automatically from then on. Go on. Grab another wine. You have time now.

Better communication

We find that Xero encourages better communication and a closer relationship between accountant and client. The ease of logging in  together, looking at the same data together, and moving at speed just makes everything work so smoothly. We’re ore in tune with you, and you get quick answers and even better advice (thanks to the real-time data) from us.

The innovation keeps coming

Xero just keeps innovating. With cloud-based applications like Xero, you never have to manually run software updates (or bother with data back-ups!). Xero just updates the software and backup data for you. That’s two more hassles removed from your life. Every 3 to 6 weeks Xero does a new software release with new and improved features. They are quite an inspirational company to watch in that regard … but from your perspective, you know you are dealing with a company providing your with the very latest in time-saving and decision-making technology.

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